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We’ve all been there. You actually remember to take the trash out on trash night. What a feeling of accomplishment, relief and satisfaction. Now you don’t have to worry about racing down the driveway in the morning and being late for work.

Morning comes and you’re getting ready for your day. Time flies by quickly, especially if you have little ones to get to school or a lengthy commute. As you race out the door, you are met with a most unpleasant sight.

The garbage.

The garbage you so carefully placed out the night before is now laying all over your driveway, lawn, neighbor’s lawn, neighbor’s driveway, and a good portion of the street. At some point in the evening some of the following may have visited your house.


Preventing and controlling property damageĀ 

Raccoons are common inhabitants of urban and semi-urban areas. Because local ordinances provide raccoons with near-total protection in many areas, dealing with damage or nuisance situations in those settings presents some unique problems. Homeowners having a problem with raccoons in garbage should store the garbage in a stout metal or plastic container and close the lid tightly. It should be wired, clamped or tied shut if necessary. If the problem persists it may be necessary to tie the can to a post or other solid object to prevent it from being tipped over, or to put the garbage cans inside the garage or outdoor shed. Raccoons may be attracted by dog or cat food left out overnight, and it may be necessary to feed pets indoors or to provide food only during the day.


Conflicts between people and bears have increased as more people build homes and cabins in rural areas. Conflicts between people and bears arise when bears damage personal property, beehives, livestock and agricultural crops.

A bear will take advantage of any foods available and will attempt to eat anything that resembles food in look, smell or taste. When natural foods such as nuts, meat berries, insects and tender vegetation are scarce, bears search actively for anything to eat. This is when bears most often come in contact with people. When bears find a source of food they will usually return regularly.


The best way to prevent this situation from occurring again is to have a proper garbage containment system in place, such as the Trash Knight. Check us out…you’ll be glad you did.

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