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Recycle Challenge

Recycle Rex's Recycle Challenge

Hey Kids and Teachers!

Recycle Rex here inviting you to take my “Recycle Challenge!” My friends at Keep California Beautiful, the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), and I would like to challenge your class to see how many aluminum and plastic California Redemption Value (CRV) beverage containers you can collect and recycle! Visit the Keep California Beautiful website to find out how your class can participate! Keep recycling!

Congratulations to the “2011” Recycle Challenge Top Five!

  1. Lincoln Elementary of Ventura: Mrs. Nicholls’ Kindergarten and Ms. Barnhizer’s Kindergarten – 70,907 containers.  Lincoln Elementary’s  Success Story (PDF,  141 KB)
  2. Truman Benedict Elementary School of San Clemente: Kindergarten – 5th graders – 68,698 containers.
  3.  Oak Grove Elementary of Aliso Viejo: Mrs. Lee’s 5th graders – 35,447 containers.
  4. Tijeras Creek Elementary School of Rancho Santa Margarita: Mrs. Morgan’s 5th graders – 31,602 containers.
  5. Vallecito Elementary of San Rafael: Mr. Miller’s 4th/5th split class – 24,252 containers.


High speed internet access is required for the following movie:

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