Barley finds: A story of logic and magic

Love the way people create and reuse found, deserted items. This is inspiring!


Watch as the people at ocean sole flip flop recycling company use the magic of imagination, creativity and plenty of passion, to recycle waste flip flops into beautiful toys!

Waste washing up onto the beaches of the remote Island of Kiwayu, Kenya.

Kenya Sandal Animals

Worker Jacqueline Achien washes the waste flip-flops in a bucket before they are sorted and carved.


Machinist Benedict Ndambuki, 36, uses a lathe to smooth off the rough edges of a toy elephant made from the discarded flip-flops.


Cleaning up of the newly made toys.

image.php 536943ef7546420f310f6a706700472e

…and VOILA!

Check out their website –

As reported by The Associated Press.

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About trashknight

Mountain Metalwerks LLC is an Oakhurst, California company located in the foothills of the Sierra mountain range. Tired of picking up garbage, the owner invented The TrashKnight. The TrashKnight has successfully protected residential garbage from animal intrusion (including several black bear attempts) for almost two years.

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