Five Ways Recycling Is Impacting the World

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Today’s guest post is from Sophia at My “Soph” Called Life.

Sophia is a stay at home mom, living in Upstate New York and blogging about Eco-friendly lifestyle tips.  She finds that it is easy to transition into a green lifestyle by making the small changes; She is always staying up to date with the latest news and trends in the green community.  She tries to live the best green, sustainable life as she can!  She also enjoys blogging about healthy lifestyle tips and all things beauty.  She enjoys the outdoors, spending time with my family, and staying fit and healthy by running and biking.  For more information, visit her blog:

Her post today is a great reminder to think beyond simple green living changes when trying to do our part to help create a more sustainable world. Thanks Sophia!

It is not shocking to learn that we are…

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About trashknight

Mountain Metalwerks LLC is an Oakhurst, California company located in the foothills of the Sierra mountain range. Tired of picking up garbage, the owner invented The TrashKnight. The TrashKnight has successfully protected residential garbage from animal intrusion (including several black bear attempts) for almost two years.

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