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Educational & Informational Presentations

The Recycling Program staff of the City of Fresno is pleased to offer the opportunity to schedule a presentation or participate in a community outreach event, located within the city of Fresno, for your students or members of your service organization. To make arrangements, please click here or call the Recycling Hotline at 621-1111. Click the image to the left to visit our “Grow up Green” website where you can see a short video of a recycling presentation.



Recycling presentations are available to pre-k, elementary, middle schools, high schools and colleges, within the City of Fresno. Interactive and entertaining presentations cover information on recycling, resource conservation, and protection of the environment. Students will learn about the importance of recycling programs available to them in Fresno. Our staff is happy to work with you to relate the information and materials covered in your curriculum.

Each presentation takes between 45 minutes to an hour or can be tailored to meet your needs. Handouts, videos and visual aides reinforce the information. There is no fee and all handouts are free.

The program is funded by the City of Fresno and various state grants and focuses on the following areas of recycling:

Community Service Organizations

Recycling Program staff are available to make presentations to community service organizations within the city of Fresno. Topics include recycling, resources conservation, and protection of the environment. To schedule a presentation, please click here or call the Recycling Hotline at 621-1111.

Community and School Events

As part of our goal to educate the residents of the City of Fresno about recycling and protecting our natural resources, Recycling Program staff are available to participate in events, within the city of Fresno, that promote environmental awareness. They are also available to attend community-wide school events such as science fairs, career days and Earth Day events located within the city of Fresno. For more information, or to schedule a presentation or event, please click here or call the Recycling Hotline at 621-1111.

Additional Resources and Supplemental Materials

Educational Packets – includes information on Solid Waste and Recycling services and opportunities throughout the City of Fresno.

“Closing the Loop” Curriculum (grades K – 6) – provides current and accurate waste management information. Enables students to get involved with hands-on action-oriented projects. (Available online at

“A Child’s Place in the Environment” Curriculum (grades 1 – 6) – provides teachers with an environmental education program that encourages students to become environmentally aware and active. (Available online at

“Teens for Planet Earth” Website (grades 9 – 12) – provides teens and adults who work with with teens, resources to carry out environmental service-learning projects in their community. (Available online at:

For more recycling information and links to games, click here to go to our “Kid’s Pages

To contact the City of Fresno Recycling Program, please click here or call 621-1111.

Let Trash Knight do the Dirty Work.

Not everyone has a garage or shed in which to store garbage cans until trash day, and when garbage cans are stored outside, inevitably animals looking for food get into them. Lids offer some protection, but even lids don’t always keep out hungry animals. Dogs, which are usually larger and stronger than most trash raiding culprits, knock over cans and scatter garbage all over the ground. Cats create a hole in the trash bag and gingerly pull out what they want, one piece at a time. Wild animals such as raccoons and opossums get into the garbage too, and they find what they want anyway they can.

If you are forced to store your garbage cans outside, there are ingenious but easy ways to keep animals out of your trash until garbage day. These methods won’t harm the animals, and trash collectors won’t end up with chemicals or soap all over their hands. Try these ideas if you are having a problem with animals in your outdoor garbage. You won’t have to pick up household garbage from the ground again.

What You Shouldn’t Do

People sometimes pour strong chemicals such as bleach or ammonia on outdoor garbage in an effort to keep dogs, cats, opossums, raccoons, and other animals out of their garbage. These products might temporarily repel animals, but garbage handlers don’t appreciate having ammonia, bleach, and other chemicals on their hands and clothes. There are options other than messy soaps or strong chemicals that work to keep animals out of the garbage.

More importantly, don’t resort to shooting or poisoning animals that look for food in your garbage cans. Every living creature must to eat to survive, and it isn’t the fault of the animal if they are homeless or their owner lets them roam the streets. If you know where a particular animal originates from, contact the owner, and respectfully explain the problem. If politely confronting the animal owner doesn’t work, contact your local dogcatcher. Animals allowed to run the streets are sometimes the unfortunate victims of cars, guns, and poison. You’ll be doing an innocent animal a favor as well as yourself.


20 things you didn’t know you could recycle

Importance of Recycling and Reusing Glass Bottles

Green Living 4 Live

One of the best methods to save environmental pollution is by recycling glass bottles and jars. Environment pollution is aggravated due to landfills and the problem is increasing day by day. Recycling and reusing of glass, plastic and other materials is among the best ways to reduce pollution…

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“I am not a plastic cup”


I had the pleasure of attending a Food ‘Feastival’ in Glasgow the weekend past, where I saw this little drinks receptacle:

I am not a plastic cup

It’s not a plastic cup!  It’s actually made from PLA (polylactide), which is a bioplastic and can be composted, albeit ideally in a commercial composting facility.  They may not be replacing PET cups everywhere just yet, but its a step in the right direction and if any of you are planning a large event, you should definitely consider these! Northern Ireland even has large commercial compost producers, such as Natural World Products. Aren’t we just some pups.


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Upcycling Chic & Genius

Urkai Community

There are so many creative people out there, it  is just amazing what people come up with. So, we just had to share more fun and genius upcycling.



beyond cool, A sofa from an oil can, via


Here is something that anyone can do, all you need are magazines! Via


This started off as a really ordinary entertainment center, now look at it! Check out Easy as Pie



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Recycled Bugs – Year 8

Art Room Mess

Recycled Bugs

Year 8 have been looking at the work of Chris Goodwin who creates mini bugs out of items he finds. The students collected bits and pieces from home for homework and in the lesson combined these with items I provided (such as paper clips, scraps of cardboard, buttons, beads, wire etc) to make their own mini creature. They used wire and the hot glue guns to stick each of the pieces together. Each pupil came up with something totally different and unique and they were really pleased with the results.

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