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Pharrell Williams presents G-Star RAW for the Oceans

Pharrell recently announced plans to launch a new jeans collection with the denim label G-Star RAW. The collection, called G-Star RAW for the Oceans, will be created using fabric from Bionic Yarn. We’ve been sterilizing and melting down plastic bottles to make synthetic threads for years now but Bionic Yarn’s new thread will apparently originate with plastic waste pulled from the ocean. The details aren’t available yet, though. Hat tip Grist.


Culling plastic waste from the ocean won’t be easy. Plastic doesn’t float around in neat islands. It’s more like a disgusting soup. The fuel needed to remove the plastic and clean it could end up being more than the petroleum saved through recycling. Plus, if you ever forget how large the oceans are, think about the drifting cruise liner that’s been eluding discovery for a year.

If one person can make these herculean challenges seem doable, it’s probably Pharrell. He’s featured on Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” — a song that even got a Russian police choir busting moves. There’s his huge meme-worthy hat. And he’s 40 years old but has such smooth skin that he recently had to dispel vampire rumors.

Finally, there’s this upbeat, catchy video about the jeans.

We’ll have to wait and see whether the technical aspect works out, but knowing Pharrell’s style, those jeans are going to be tight.

Illustration Credit: G-Star RAW and Pharrell via YouTube

RAW for the Oceans is a long-term G-Star collaboration with Pharrell Williams, owner of Bionic Yarn, that makes something fantastic with ocean plastic. For more information about RAW for the Oceans click here

Post originally featured on Discovery.

Heartwarming Exchange Between Trash Collector and Autistic Boy Goes Viral

Posted from ABC Entertainment News|ABC Business News


A five-year-old boy from California obsessed with garbage trucks got the surprise of a lifetime from the garbage man he religiously greets at his family’s home every Monday.

Daniel Mulligan, of Ojai, Calif., became fascinated by garbage trucks as a toddler after his mother, Robin Newberger, showed him YouTube videos of garbage trucks as a way to ease his fear of the trucks’ loud noise.

Daniel, who has autism, is drawn to the order and precision that comes with the weekly trash pickup and the organization of the trash cans, his mother says.

“He knows which trash can is going out on which day and notices them when we’re driving and notices if they’re out of line,” Newberger said.  “We will literally be waiting outside for hours on trash day because he hears the truck in the neighborhood and can’t focus on anything else.”

On Monday, Daniel and his parents – Newberger and dad, David Mulligan – did their usual routine of waiting outside for the recyclables collector, Manuel Sanchez, to arrive, when Sanchez surprised them all.

Sanchez, an employee of a private, family-owned trash collection company, got out of his truck and presented Daniel with a toy garbage truck of his own.

The family was even more surprised when they realized it was the same toy truck that Daniel received at Christmas but accidentally broke it the same day.

“It was just amazing because it was the same one and Manuel had no idea,” said Newberger, who captured the moment on her phone and posted it to Facebook.  “That made it all the more incredible to us.”

Newberger says that Sanchez jokingly asked Daniel, “Do you want this one too?,” pointing to his real garbage truck.

“I said, ‘He does want your truck,’” Newberger recalled, adding that Sanchez quickly got back into his truck after the exchange in order to finish his route.

Sanchez’s employer, E.J. Harrison and Sons, found out about their employee’s good deed and gifted him with a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

“This was something he did absolutely on his own,” company spokeswoman Nan Drake said of Sanchez, who has worked there for nearly a decade.  “We’re so proud of him.”

The video of Sanchez giving Daniel the truck has gone viral, with more than 60,000 shares and 6,000 likes.  The response has been so overwhelming that Newberger created a separate Facebook page, “The Gift,” as a place for parents of children with autism to share uplifting stories.

“I asked people to share the gifts about their kids because a lot of times, with kids with autism, it’s just about the struggle,” Newberger said.  “I’m glad it’s showing the positive side of autism.”

“The response has been so overwhelming,” she said.

Giant trash bin sent on way from space station

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — The International Space Station has one less capsule and a lot less trash.



A commercial cargo ship ended its five-week visit Tuesday morning. NASA astronaut Michael Hopkins used the space station’s big robot arm to release the capsule, called Cygnus.

Cygnus is filled with garbage and will burn up when it plunges through the atmosphere Wednesday.

Orbital Sciences Corp. launched the capsule last month from Virginia under a $1.9 billion contract with NASA. The Cygnus delivered 3,000 pounds of goods, including belated Christmas gifts for the six-man crew and hundreds of ants for a student experiment.

The ants are still aboard the space station. They’ll return to Earth aboard another company’s supply ship, the SpaceX Dragon.

NASA is paying Orbital Sciences and SpaceX to keep the space station stocked.

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