Yosemite National Park

Drifting with meaning

Twin Falls

We start the day early and make the commute towards Yosemite.  We stayed at Bug Mountain in Midpines, which is a hostel offering all sorts of different cabins.  We opted for a semi-permanent tent, which is nestled into the side of the mountain.  They have a natural spa and treatments on offer and a café/restaurant.  Reasonably priced with a great selection to choose from, being mostly organic produce.  The servings are huge and delicious.  We had definitely stumbled upon a hidden gem!

It’s another early start and a 45-minute drive to the park entrance.  We only had the day to explore and see as much as we could, so we drove around taking photos and then elected a to hike one of the mountain treks.  Fairly unaware of what we were about to tackle, turns out we had chosen one of the harder treks in the park, Glacier…

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About trashknight

Mountain Metalwerks LLC is an Oakhurst, California company located in the foothills of the Sierra mountain range. Tired of picking up garbage, the owner invented The TrashKnight. The TrashKnight has successfully protected residential garbage from animal intrusion (including several black bear attempts) for almost two years.

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