How durable is the Trash Knight™?

Q. How durable is the Trash Knight™?
A. Very. They are made of MIG welded .090 wall mild steel with .120 wall hinges and hinge bushings, 250lb. capacity greaseable ball-bearing casters with plated, galvanized or stainless steel hardware. Each rolling unit has a capacity of over 800 lbs. Designed for commercial or residential use, the hinged lids will withstand many thousands of cycles. Latches are easy-use spring loaded stainless steel.
 Many of the three year old units in my area(mountainous, snowy, rainy) still look like the day I delivered them, as long as they haven’t been rolled too many times by the bears, which sometimes scratches them. We do not bill our units as ‘bear-proof’, but they have managed to be for over three years (as of 6-30-12) through hundreds of attempted entries. In a three week period in May/June 2012 alone, my personal three can Premium unit was hit over twenty times without effect. There have been three exceptions to the above: two cans have had the sides bitten through by enormous bears, and one unit was forced open. We design the stainless steel latch rod on the Premium model (a ten dollar part) to fail so that the units are not destroyed if forced, and the bent rod was repaired in seconds with a wrench. There was no other damage.
The secret to the bear-resistance of our product is its light weight and the fact that the cans spin in the units when pawed at. They are barrel-rolled, bitten and stomped on with great regularity, and although they are designed to fail in a specific place, only one out of hundreds has, as leverage against the unit is so difficult to attain. Many customers claim that bears in more heavily populated areas learn quickly to go to the neighbors unprotected trash cans. The three incidents discussed above happened in more remote areas.
Our Premium and Standard units are canine, feline, raccoon, opossum, feral hog, rodent and bird proof.

About trashknight

Mountain Metalwerks LLC is an Oakhurst, California company located in the foothills of the Sierra mountain range. Tired of picking up garbage, the owner invented The TrashKnight. The TrashKnight has successfully protected residential garbage from animal intrusion (including several black bear attempts) for almost two years.

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