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  • “It was a pleasure meeting with you today to look at your bear resistant garbage can system. Based on what I saw today, our route drivers will be instructed to service a customer that has one of your units out at the curb, as long as they have not made any modifications to your design. If anyone has any further questions or concerns, please feel free to give them my name and number.”  General Manager for Emadco Disposal Service, Inc., Oakhurst, CA
  • “Just wanted to say thanks for your innovative trash can design. In the past, I’ve had to drag trash cans up the drive way which sometimes results in them tipping over and spilling all of the garbage down the driveway. That is obviously a hassle when trying to get to work on time! Plus, we’ve had a substantial raccoon infestation which these new trash cans have FINALLY resolved. No more sneaky raccoons!!! Thanks so much for helping us take our trash out of the dark ages!!!” – Joesph & Ronda C., Oakhurst, CA
  • “Plain and simple…TRASH KNIGHT WORKS!!! (I have photos!) I’ve had the Trash Knight for about 6 months now and I love it! When I wake up in the morning and look out the window, I expect to see the beautiful mountains we live near, not last night’s dinner STREWN across the driveway. Trash Knight ensures that I won’t have to pick up the scattered trash ever again! I have experienced these proven results. (Again…I have photos!!) We had Phil, the creator of Trash Knight add the tow hitch to our Trash Knight so I can tow it with our quad up to the dumpster. It is so easy! I have saved time, energy and frustration by purchasing the Trash Knight!” – Julie G., Oakhurst, CA
  • “I am very pleased with my Trash Knight trash holder.” – Gardner M., Bass Lake, CA
  • “I believe I have the distinction of owning the first two-barrel Trash Knight, robust vermin-resistant mobile system in the Bass Lake, California area. As a permanent resident of the mountain lake area, I have witnessed both the benefits and drawbacks of living in the area. One specific challenge lead to my decision to purchase a Trash Knight system. When placing trash out at night, there is the issue of dogs, raccoon and black bears searching for a midnight snack. Before you know it, the trash and trash cans are a mangled, shredded mess. After picking up one too many of these “messes” in the early morning hours, I took charge and purchased a Trash Knight system. The Trash Knight has served to prevent most of the vermin activity and has made it difficult for the big animals to get into the trash, thus cutting down on most clean-up activities. Also of note is the robust craftsmanship of the Trash Knight. The Trash Knight is easy to transport and store. The Trash Knight has been a good investment and I am pleased with my purchase.” – Ken D., Bass Lake, CA

Trash Knight FAQs

Q. Will the automated truck pick my cans off the Trash Knight96?
A. No. Your cans must be unloaded from the cart via the ramp and spread apart the recommended distance- usually 18-24 inches.
Q. Can I manually pull my 96 gallon unit down my short, but rough driveway?
A. Yes, but it can be quite a workout. We usually recommend that if your driveway is not very close to flat and smooth, that you tow your unit if at all possible. We would never want anyone to purchase a unit that didn’t make life significantly easier. It only takes a minute to hitch up.
Q. My driveway is very rough/rutted. What should I order?
A. We should talk about it. Our normal 96 gallon unit is set up to flat tow, with heavy duty steerable casters in the front and fixed ones in the rear. This works great on smooth or slightly bumpy gravel drives. If your driveway is really bad, we may need to build you a rigid tongue unit so that the front wheels are off the ground. This will cost a bit more and require a small trailer jack to be mounted on the front of the unit to aid in lifting it onto your hitch ball.
Q. I have full size 96 gallon yard waste and recycling cans, but a smaller garbage can. Will it still work?
A. Yes. The 96 gallon units are designed to fit a wide range of cans, but some folks have smaller units mixed in with bigger ones. All has worked well in our testing by putting the smaller can in the middle, or in the case of a two can unit, the smaller can in front. If for some reason this does not work, we can figure it out.
Q. How fast can I tow my Trash Knight96?
A. We generally recommend walking speed. Slightly faster for smooth surfaces, slightly slower for rough.
Q. Do I park my 96 gallon unit on the right or left side of my house?
A. All of our units are ambidextrous. They can be assembled with the pull handle or towing tongue and the steering casters and fixed casters on either end. When you choose the location for your unit, the ramp should be closest to the house and the handle or tongue toward the street so that it can be loaded from the correct side and pulled straight to the curb.
Q. Do I take my cans off the Trash Knight when it is in the yard?

A. The 96 gallon unit is designed to be used with the cans sitting on it. The only time you need to unload the cans is when you take them to the curb.

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