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Tips & Tricks for Presenting Product at a Home Show

Attracting consumers begins with an attractive booth.

You have decided to invest in exhibit space – maximizing your return on investment will take some time and knowledge. Begin with the appearance of your booth. Often, this is the first impression consumers will have of your company. Treat your exhibit space with as much respect as you treat the reputation of your company.

Attendees should immediately be able to recognize:
– your level of professionalism
– your company name
– exactly what you have to offer

  • Carpeting in your booth is not required, but strongly recommended. The majority of your neighbors will have carpeting or flooring in their booth. The venue floor is cement slab and unattractive. If you choose not to rent carpeting, you may buy your own, lay an area rug, etc.
  • Include greenery in your booth. It’s amazing how far a little houseplant will go toward making your space more welcoming.
  • Have professional signage. Most Home Shows do not allow any handwritten signage.
  • Make your exhibit space as interactive as possible. It will make attendees want to see what is going on in your booth.
  • Allow attendees easy access in and out of your booth. Don’t allow tables to barricade people in or out of your space.
  • Giveaways can increase traffic to your booth. We highly recommend your giveaway is product appropriate as this will ensure quality leads.
  • Allow enough room to have a comfortable closing area.


  • The Fresno Home Show requires that your booth be staffed at all times. Have a pre-show meeting with your staff to discuss goals, techniques, key messages, and selling points. Having a pre-show meeting can eliminate any scheduling questions, product questions or miscommunications.
  • Make sure everyone staffing your booth can speak knowledgeably about all of the products and services you offer.
  • Decide on how to qualify leads and how they will be handled post-show. Click here for lead card example.
  • While in essence you have created a mobile showroom, remind your sales team that exhibit sales often requires a slight change in technique. The venue will be full of stimuli and high-pressure sales techniques can become overwhelming to the attendee. Therefore, when talking to attendees, ask short, open-ended questions to determine their level of interest. Take a few minutes to listen and understand their needs so you can offer the products or services best suited.
  • Smiles and friendly banter, while remaining professional can go a long way toward building a trustworthy and profitable relationship.


  • Invite your clients and potential clients to the show. All Exhibitors receive (4) FREE Exhibitor Tickets per 100sq./ft. for this purpose.
  • Include your unlimited coupons in all mailings, e-newsletters and post it on your web site.
  • Include your participation in the show and your booth number in all advertising you do leading up to the show.
  • Offer show-only pricing. Example: Receive 10% off for purchasing today!
  • Call your sales representative for more information on co-op advertising opportunities.


Make sure you familiarize yourself with all of the deadlines. Don’t miss out on any discounts. Go to the Deadlines & Checklist page for all important dates.

ASK QUESTIONS! And have a great show!

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