Trash Knight FAQ

Q. What can the TRASH KNIGHT do for me?

A. The main use of the TRASH KNIGHT has always been to keep animals out of residential garbage, but it does other things as well.

1. The rolling and towable models are an excellent mobility aid for older folks or a simple convenience for anybody who doesn’t want to make multiple trips to the curb lugging heavy trash cans. Your garbage can be taken out on ‘trash night’ (the night before your trash service comes), to avoid having to take it out before dawn on ‘trash day’ for fear of animal intrusion.

2. The TRASH KNIGHT can get your garbage cans out of the garage. Tired of that odor when you go to get in your car?

3. The TRASH KNIGHT opens your cans for you. No more prying unsanitary lids off. Taking the garbage out is now ‘touchless’. Germaphobes rejoice!

4. Reduce your trash can expense. The Rubbermaid BRUTEtm trash can is an extremely  tough commercial grade product. They are expensive, but last a very long time, and the Trash Man can’t throw the lids when they are attached to the unit. In fact, my trash man likes the fact that he never has to pick up my trash so much that he has agreed to gently place my cans back in my TRASH KNIGHT rather than tossing them on the ground.

5. The TRASH KNIGHT can be used for storage of animal feed of almost any type. From rabbits to horses, one of our models can simplify feeding time and ensure varmint proof storage

Q. What trash can does the TRASH KNIGHT use and why?

A. The TRASH KNIGHT uses the 32 gallon Rubbermaid BRUTEtm trash can for one reason- they are the best. They are not inexpensive ($30.00 each at the big box stores), but they hold up very well, which creates value in the long run. We have customers that have had the same set of cans for over ten years. They will not crack even when smashed badly. During destructive testing, we put ten gallons of water in them, froze them solid and threw them as far as we could without damage. My children have used the lids as Frisbees and were only able to damage our vehicles. Try that with an $18.00 can.

Q. What color combinations are available?

A. Our standard TRASH KNIGHT powdercoat colors are: BRONZE (shown in photos), WHITE, BLACK and FOREST GREEN, which complement most homes and yards nicely. If you require a color match, we will require a color sample, more time, and a surcharge for a non-stock color. NOTE: powdercoating is a very durable, electrostatically applied coating commonly used on deck railings, fences, outdoor furniture, etc., and has a service life of 7 plus years.

Galvanizing is also available. It represents the ultimate in durability- 50 plus years. See price sheet.

Rubbermaid BRUTEtm trash cans are available in GREY and GREEN either through us or the big box stores (same price, no markup), or RED, WHITE, BLUE and BLACK as a special order at $45.00 each plus shipping.

In the mountain areas, the BRONZE with GREEN cans has been the most popular-they blend readily into the trees.
Q. How durable is the TRASH KNIGHT?

A. The units are extremely durable. The frames are .090 mild steel with 250 lb. capacity casters. My three can rolling unit easily withstands filling all three cans with water (768 lbs.), which is far more weight than you’ll ever give the trash man. During destructive testing, we have pulled the TRASH KNIGHT down a gravel road with a rope and pickup truck, on its back, front and top, barrel rolling it, with no damage other than scratches. See above for coating lifespans and below for animal damage. Fixed and towable units have even higher capacities.

Q. How animal proof is the TRASH KNIGHT?

A. It is 100% raccoon, canine, feline, and bird proof. The TRASH KNIGHT has withstood dozens of attempted black bear entries as of fall 2011, with no success in opening the units. The only damages found to the units are scratches and scrapes. (full disclosure: my only departure from the original and current latch system was a single unit with a pushbutton style latch; a prototype. When the bear pushed the unit over onto its front, the overly long latch would disengage, allowing the unit to open. I replaced the unit free of charge, went back to the original latch design, and it has not been opened since). The bears seem to be learning that the TRASH KNIGHT represents more work than calories, and quit tipping them over after a few tries, focusing instead on the neighbors unsecured cans. Test units have been in use in the Bass Lake area for well over a year.


Q. Why so expensive?

A. The TRASH KNIGHT is really quite a bargain in the fabricated steel product world. Compare it to a Chinese made flat garden cart with tires that can go flat for $229.00, a steel platform workshop cart (on casters, also Chinese) for $236.00, six lineal feet of welded steel yard fencing at $250.00, or eight feet of welded steel deck railing ( powder coated) starting at about $400.00. None of the above items open, close, hold trash cans or required much engineering.


Q. Will my trash removal company still pick up my trash?

A. The refuse removal company in our area (Oakhurst, CA) has provided us an approval letter for the use of our product. The drivers love the TRASH KNIGHT because there is no mess to pick up and no lids to remove. They can open the unit far faster than they can open all the lids.


Q. Sounds great. How do I order?

A. Ordering can be done by filling out our electronic form via this website or calling our 800 number and leaving a message, which will be returned promptly. We will talk, I will request a check by mail, build your unit, and send it for powdercoating when I receive your check. It will then be deliverable in about a week. If you live in my area, I will deliver it to you; if not, it is UPS shippable. To visit our website, click HERE.

We are very proud of our new product and committed to your satisfaction.

Thank you for your interest in the TRASH KNIGHT.

Content copyright 2011. Mountain Metalwerks LLC. All rights reserved.

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