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Suffer the effects of animal-spilled garbage at home or work? Have a long driveway that requires loading heavy cans into a vehicle or rolling them individually to the curb? Field complaints from your golf course, marina, or equestrian center clientele or employees regarding the mess left by the raccoons last night? Accidentally trap small animals in your commercial trash receptacles? Walk back and forth repeatedly to the barn to feed and care for your animals? Have vermin in your animal feed? Have an investment property catering to vacation renters whose animal-spread trash is cleaned up by the full-time neighbors? Drag a trash can and multiple loads of yard tools, fertilizer, seed, etc. to maintain your property or facility? Place all your recyclables in one container only to have to sort it later? Carry heavy materials around when they could be stored in weather and animal-resistant containers and rolled on sturdy wheels or towed by car, truck, or ATV?  
We have your solution.
The TRASH KNIGHT™ (pat.pend.) is a revolutionary commercial and residential storage system designed to protect and/or mobilize 32 gallon Rubbermaid BRUTE™ trash cans and mobilize standard automated garbage service 96 gallon and smaller trash, recycling, and yard waste bins.
Our 32 gallon product line is available in one, two and three can models in fixed, rolling and towable configurations to protect garbage, recycling, fertilizer, animal feed or any other materials from animal intrusion and weather, and with the rolling and towable models, enable single-trip transport to the curb or other locations. The attachment of trash can lids to the hinged steel top of our units make this a sanitary ‘touchless’ system.
For commercial use, rolling and towable Trash Knights can be easily moved around a facility when required for banquets, parties, and weddings; and for virtually any kind of grounds maintenance. Single can units work well in break areas, at golf tees or greens, marinas, etc.. All of our units can be customized to fit your needs with the addition of yard tool racks, toolbox mounts, and hay bale racks.
Our 96 gallon mobility system works with commonly used bins in areas that have automated trash service, including the smaller sized cans for households with lighter usage needs. They lack the animal protection features of our 32 gallon line, but still keep cans upright against anything but bears. They work to enable the movement of your cumbersome cans down long driveways pulled either manually down smooth surfaces or towed by car, truck, or ATV. Walking two or three cans to the end of a long driveway can now be reduced to just minutes of your valuable time.

Our product line provides well built, attractive, and cost effective multi-purpose storage solutions that save time and work. Made with pride in Oakhurst, California, we have a Trash Knight™ to suit your residential or commercial needs and budget.

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