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32 Gallon Trash Knight – Our Best Seller!

32 GALLON PRODUCTS (Click HERE for information & gallery)

  • Two Can Fixed, Rolling or Towable
  • Three Can Fixed, Rolling or Towable
  • Adjustable feet for fixed units (helps to manage uneven surfaces and slope challenges) galvanized
  • Towing Option employs sliding, retractable tongue, flat-proof tires and small front steering casters. please call for more information.
  • Economy Latch System: Less convenient, but even stronger.


Denmark leads the charge in renewable energy


Denmark is a leader when it comes to fighting climate change. By 2050, the country plans to meet 100 percent of its energy needs with renewables, creating more jobs, increasing exports and reducing its energy dependence.


Denmark has lofty goals: By 2020, the country aims to produce 70 percent of its energy from renewable sources and to make the switch to renewables completely by mid-century.

“Today, we’re already at 43 percent,” said Kristoffer Böttzauw, the deputy director general of the Danish energy agency Energistyrelsen, which coordinates Denmark’s energy policy.

“At present, renewable energy sources account for about 25 percent of Denmark’s total energy consumption,” said Böttzauw. He’s convinced that the country’s goal to completely abandon coal, oil and gas by 2050 is realistic.

‘EU trailblazer’

Tobias Austrup, an expert on renewables for Greenpeace, is looking for that same ambition from the German government and industry. Speaking with DW, he called…

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Source of Inspiration

G arbage is what we have not yet learned how to use.
Are we throwing away valuable resources
R ecycle until it no longer exists
B ecome aware of waste
A lways repair or reuse rather than rebuy
G et maximum use of all you have.
E verything item squandered harms our Earth.


The sheer volume of garbage in NYC is staggering. Surely not using many of these things is preferable to recycling or worse, garbage dumps. Let’s drink water from glasses, not plastic bottles and eliminate soft drinks completely. Radical? Not, really. People lived this way just in my life time.

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